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Kids Brands Distribution

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In Florence, ESCADA celebrate the bond of

MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS. “ESCADA GIRLS” Collection designed with utmost care and attention to detail. This collection embodies freshness, joy, and high-quality standards. It perfectly reflects the essence and values of ESCADA Brands, Catering to the fashionable taste of our beloved customers.


A deep heritage brand with craftsmanship transforms  little ones’ wardrobes with pieces of luxury. The German  label founded in 1965 by Hungarian designer ETIENNE  AIGNER is bringing its iconic horseshoe symbol into  miniature wardrobes, with everything from everyday t-  shirts, dresses, pants to baby sets, changing bags ,blankets and beyond.

SUSTAINABLE STEPS—AIGNER's production consists of cruelty-free processes, non-toxic dyes and incorporates  sustainable materials into their products


Created by acclaimed German company  Depeche in 2007,

TOP MODEL is the story of  13 top models who all have their different  looks and personalities. Its accessories such  as coloring books are worldwide bestsellers.

For girls: from 8 to 16 years

50 SKUs per season, 2 seasons yearly.

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The largest and most varied  fashion collection available in the market for the  iconic and internationally admired French brand  SOPHIE LA GIRAFE.

Using our savoir-faire and expertise in  babywear, we designed a collection which  respects the core DNA of the brand as well as a  contemporary feel and look.

Young baby girls and toddlers: Newborn to 2  years

150 SKUs per season, 2 seasons yearly.

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Founded in the late 1940´s in Linz, Austria,  STUMMER is a specialist company for high  quality baby and children's wear with an  established presence in many European markets.

STUMMER is a recognized brand name in the  premium segment of the children’s market in  Europe with a reputation for fashionable and  high-quality clothes.

Young baby girls and toddlers: Newborn to  3years

For boys:  from 4 to 12 years

For girls:  from 4 to 12 years


BUGATTI JUNIOR was done as a joint collaboration  by The House of Bugatti (Volkswagen  Group).

Junior collections perfectly reflect  the core values of the brand in terms of enduring  luxury, exclusivity, timeless design, and exquisite  quality.

The collections ensure that Bugatti continues its  successful presence in the exclusive world of luxury  children’s fashion.

Young baby girls and toddlers: Newborn to 3 years.

For boys: from 4 to 16 years  For girls: from 4 to 16 years

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