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Kidproof Safety, a Canadian education provider and the world’s most trusted source in child safety, entrusted Vibes Intl's expertise to provide Kidproof’s innovative, preventative and valuable safety education to all communities in the MENA region. Through Kidproof’s memorable workshops, seminars and school programs,it has inspired tens of thousands of children, parents and educators to recognize danger and make safe choices when it comes to child abductions, abuse, gun safety, Internet safety, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, accidental deaths and much more.


For Schools

The heart of Kidproof lies in it’s proactive safety education for children. With over 18 single subject courses that cover subjects such as Bullying, Cyber Safety, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Stranger Safety, Home Safety and Sports Safety, we are sure to meet the specific needs of all schools.

In addition to our world famous Single Subject Programs, Kidproof has trained millions of children in our one-of-a-kind, world class Safety Education Curriculum; Protect Ed.  Flexible, affordable and easy to implement into any school setting, Kidproof’s Protect Ed is the only full spectrum safety education curriculum designed for Nursery through to High School in the world.

For Businesses

Kidproof understands that it is critical that every child based business take proper precautions to ensure the safety of the children in their care. They also understand the marketing value that helps families make a choice on what facility is better for their children.

Kidproof has a comprehensive set of training and site evaluation programs – KPASS – that provides both in depth training, guidelines, customized policy and procedure guides and reviews that businesses can implement immediately to ensure that they are providing a safe workplace for both the adults who work for them, and the children that are in their care.

For Parents

In today’s changing world, safe parenting is challenging but not impossible. Kidproof helps parents learn how to let go of their fears and learn the facts about bullying, cyber safety, substance abuse and much more.

Through Kidproof Parent Seminars and Workshops, books and more, parents learn how to become engaged with their children, to start a conversation about an uncomfortable topic, recognize the warning signs that their child may be heading into danger, and how to guide them to make safer choices so that they are better equipped to handle the challenges of teenage years. Kidproof is every parents partner in safety.

Available for distribution and franchising: For further inquires about the KIDPROOF  in the Middle East  contact: or  +961 5 459 322

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