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Vibes International is a leading multi-channel retail group in the Middle East and Gulf Region.

Vibes retail experience spans for over 35 years  and has developed an extensive North American  and Middle Eastern business network.​ Our dedication to brand building and healthy long term commitment, has grown Vibes  to become a licensee, franchisee, distributor, retailer and independent brand organization. 


Vibes in-depth knowledge  of the Middle East, our brand- launching skills, and our large distribution network has earned us the trust and exclusive rights of world leading brands:


We believe in integrity, respect, recognition and passion for excellence. 

We believe in achieving success by giving our customers, stakeholders and our employees an equal opportunity to growth. 

We believe that success in business is to pursue your goals, enjoy the business you are in to achieve your objectives with originality and style.


To have a diversified portfolio of business and to provide our customers with profitable business opportunities 



We will improve continuously to deliver the finest quality products. Our employees will always be dedicated and committed to achieve delighted customers and meet our shareholder’s profit objectives. We honor our society’s traditions and we strive to offer the highest quality of service to enhance the operation of our partners and customers. We apply the highest standard of excellence to our work, systems, and services, while making a positive contribution to the society

Optimize the performance of brands and enhance the brand equity by capturing a bigger market share and building a bridge between the culture of the east and west and promote the north American world leading brands in the middle east region.


​Vibes caters to more than 50 mono-brand locations, 200 distribution points of sale, in over 16 countries. With an ever expanding geographical presence. Vibes Intl serves as a gateway to the Middle East for all its partners.

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